What to Expect

       If you are new to our practice or considering becoming a client, we would like to say, "Welcome."  We believe you will find us to be active,


engaged and considerate partners in caring for your pet. We are all "pet people."  Our staff has a deep commitment to the care and well-being of animals as well as the knowledge to deliver on that commitment.  We have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet.

At least once a year, you should bring your well pet in for a check-up.  Older patients or those with ongoing concerns may need to come in more frequently.  If you are a new client or have a new pet, it is helpful to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Please bring all records with you so that we may copy them, or have them faxed from your previous veterinarian prior to your appointment so that we may be aware of your pet's prior medical history.  Please note for safety, dogs must be leashed and cats must be in a carrier.  If you do not own or have access to a carrier, we can provide one for a fee of $5.00.  

When you come in the exam room for your appointment, you will be greeted by a veterinary professional who will ask you questions about why you are visiting us and get a history of symptoms and behaviors you have seen.  We know that some pets are protective of family members and we respect that.  We will work with your pet's unique needs to make the visit an enjoyable time here.  To this end, we may perform the exam with your pet in the room with you or take them to our treatment room to ease their anxiety.  We believe in complete wellness care and strive that each animal has a complete and comprehensive evaluation at each visit.

Dr. Williamson will then do a head to tail examination of your pet including checking their pulse, respiration, temperature and overall condition.  Dr. Williamson will carefully check your pet's mouth for any signs of dental tartar or tooth decay.  Because even the most cooperative pet may not tolerate daily tooth brushing, an annual cleaning may be in order.  You will have ample time to talk with her about your concerns and observations of your pet's behavior.  Dr. Williamson will discuss treatment options and answer any questions that you may have before you leave.  Most often, one of our staff will call to check on your pet's condition a few days after your appointment and answer any additional questions you may have, ensuring that you feel completely confident in your pet's care.

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