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 to our practice! Whether you are new to our practice or considering becoming a client, we welcome you. 

We believe strongly in the

mykaila human-animal bond and want to help you to take care of your pet throughout his/her entire life. Our team of specially trained veterinary professionals have a deep commitment to compassionate care, client education and comprehensive treatment to make sure that your pet receives the highest possible level of veterinary care. 

We recommend that your pet be seen for a physical examination by the veterinarian once a year. Senior patients (dogs >7 years of age and cats >9 years of age) or patients with on-going medical concerns may need to be seen more frequently. We recommend senior patients have examinations twice a year.

We ask that you arrive to your appointment 15 minutes before the scheduled time to check in with the front desk and to complete client/patient paperwork. Please bring all medical records, including vaccine records and lab work results so that we may enter them into your chart for the doctor to review. You may also have them faxed to our office at (937) 772-9087.  Please note, that for safety reasons, all dogs must be on a leash and all cats or small animals be in a carrier. If you do not own or have access to a carrier, one may be purchased for $7. If you have any concerns regarding bringing your pet into our office please call and speak with one of our team members or visit these links: Feliway-consumer-leaflet.pdf  Cat-to-VetHandout.pdf 


Once you and your pet enter an exam room, you will be greeted by a veterinary technician who will get a history on your pet and reason for the examination.They will also need a list of any medications or over the counter products your pet takes.  We want you and your pet to have a pleasant experience, therefore, depending on his/her attitude and comfort level we may recommend to perform the physical examination in the exam room or in our treatment room.  We believe in complete wellness care and strive to perform a complete and comprehensive evaluation on each patient.

Dr. Williamson will then do a head to tail examination of your pet including their pulse, respiration, temperature and overall condition. 

Her physical examination includes: 

Auscultation of Heart and Lungs, Examination of Ears, Eyes, Oral Cavity (Teeth and gums), Skin/Coat, Lymph Nodes, Abdominal Palpation and Neurologic/Lameness Evaluation.

cat She will then discuss your pet’s examination and any recommendations for his/her treatment. We are happy to provide an estimate for any services. Please ask the technician.  Please refer to our new patient center for payment options.

We run our schedule by appointment, however emergency cases will take priority, therefore an occasional delay is inevitable. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each patient on time and if we know ahead of time that there will be a delay to your appointment we will attempt contact you to reschedule.  We make every effort to work our clients in for an appointment if they have an emergency during regular business hours.


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