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We have a complete In-house laboratory that enables us to run bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal tests every day. 

We use the most up to date IDEXX equipment for our in-house and reference laboratory.

Tests we commonly run in-house include:

CBC                                                                        cPL (pancreatitis)

Chemistry (10 and 17)                                 ProBNP (cardiac)

Electrolytes                                                        Urinalysis (urine)

Total T4 (thyroid)                                             Fecal Cytology

SDMA (early kidney)                                      Parvovirus Test

4DX HWT (heartworm and tick disease)            FELV/FIV/HW- (feline heartworm, and viral disease)

 Lab work recommend for puppies and kittens <1 year of age and any adult animals <5 years of age:

  • CBC/Chemistry (10)- this evaluates RBC, WBC, Platelets, Blood Sugar, kidney values, protein and liver ALT. This provides a baseline for your pet through it’s lifetime and identifies early developmental diseases. We usually recommend performing this test prior to spay/neuter procedures.
  • Fecal Profile- we recommend fecal examinations for all young animals yearly to identify intestinal parasitic disease. It is important to identify the correct parasite and treat effectively to prevent long term disease or spread to human family members.

 Lab work recommend for adult dogs and cats between 5-8 years of age:

  • CBC/Chemistry (17) –larger chemistry in addition to above panel evaluates gall bladder, pancreas, calcium, phosphorus, and muscle enzymes
  • SDMA- identifies early kidney disease
  • Electrolytes- identifies endocrine disease and imbalances
  • Total T4- evaluates thyroid function
  • Fecal Profile

 Lab work recommended for senior dogs and cats over the age of 8 years:

  • CBC/Chemistry (17)
  • SDMA
  • Electrolytes
  • Total T4
  • Urinalysis- evaluates urine to look for kidney disease and diabetes
  • Fecal Profile

 We also have the ability to provide a thorough work up for sick patients with the in-house lab that includes:

 CBC/Chemistry, SDMA, Total T4, cPL, proBNP, Urinalysis, fecal cytology

Parasite Evaluation: identifies lice and skin mites (demodex or sarcoptic mites)

Ear Cytology: identifies bacteria, yeast, cellular debris and mites

Fecal Cytology: identifies bacteria, yeast or other cellular debris and parasite eggs

Skin Cytology: identifies bacteria, yeast or cellular debris

 We also use IDEXX reference laboratory for send out lab work, such as biopsy samples, mass/lymph node aspiration cytology, PCR tick, Gi and Respiratory panels, etc.  Depending on the type of test we can get results as soon as 24 hours.

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