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The ultrasound gives our veterinarians a unique ability to gather medical information unmatched by any other modality.  This painless and non-invasive instrument enables us to see into the abdominal or thoracic cavity to evaluate organ texture, size and location and to identify free fluid.

We use our ultrasound every day to obtain urine samples sterilely through cystocentesis. We evaluate the size and texture of the bladder wall and lumen and screen for bladder stones and masses.

We have several package options for Ultrasonography:


FAST Ultrasound- this enable us to quickly use the ultrasound to rule out bleeding in the trauma patient

System Specific Ultrasound- we use this for certain organ systems, such as urinary bladder and kidneys or the liver

Pregnancy Ultrasound- to evaluate the viability of puppies or kittens

Full Abdominal Ultrasound- evaluates the abdominal organs (liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and urinary bladder)


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