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At The Pet Clinic of Urbana we believe in educating our clients' on all procedures, preventative health, basic pet care, dietary management, and dental care. The more you know about your pet, the better equipped you will be to meet your pet's needs.

The most important points of pet education deal with wellness and preventative care:

Yearly Wellness Examinations

  • Yearly physical exams are a vital part of keeping your pet healthy. Pets don't communicate in the same way that people do, so it's important to have a trained professional examine your pet for any signs of illness. Yearly exams can also help educate the pet owner on how to better take care of their pet and catch disease early before it becomes more serious and costly. 


Flea /Tick and Heartworm Prevention

  • In our area all pets are exposed to mosquito's, ticks, and fleas that cause serious disease effecting the heart, lungs, skin, joints, neurologic system and blood. These illnesses are completely preventable with monthly prevention. It only takes one infected insect to cause sickness and impact your pets' life forever. We offer a wide array of oral, topical, and injectable prevention options to suit the needs to you and your pets.
  • HeartwormSociety
  • CDC
  • Zoetis


Intestinal Parasite Control

  • We recommend yearly fecal parasite exams and/or deworming to keep your pet parasite free. Parasites live in your pets' gastrointestinal tract and shed eggs into the enviroment (i.e. house, yard, car, bed) that can infect other animals and people. Many heartworm preventions also provide monthly parasite control. 
  • CDC
  • BayerDVM

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Vaccine Protocols

  • We have established proven vaccine protocols for dogs and cats to prevent disease and protect you and your pet. Some disease that animals carry can also be spread to people, therefore proper vaccine administration and timins is very important. We tailor our vaccine recommendations to fit the lifestyle of you and your pet. 
  • canine-vaccines.pdf     


Canine / Feline Nutrition

  • The food animals eat is a fundamental part of the health and longevity of your pet. Unfortunately not all pet food diets are the same. We provide consultations to discuss quality pet food diets, feeding guidelines and proven supplements to keep your pet healthy through all life stages.
  • Purina ProPlan
  • Royal Canin

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Dental Care

  • Dental care is very important to your pets' overall health. Because pets do not brush their teeth twice a day, food, hair, and other debris build up around the teeth and gums leading to disease, bad breath, tooth loss, and pain. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can prevent illness throughout the body, but especially related to the heart, lungs, and kidneys as well as prevent needless pain and suffering. We recommend a full dental exam yearly and client education on teeth brushing and other means of dental care. 
  • Petmd
  • Virbac

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Spay/ Neuter

  • We recommend that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered, not only to control the pet overpopulation, but also to prevent serious medical conditions, such as testicular, ovarian and mammary cancers, hernias and uterine infections. It also aids in helping your pet to be a better family member by decreasing spraying, marking and aggression. 
  • AnimalHealthFoundation



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