At The Pet Clinic of Urbana, our top priority is providing the highest-quality of veterinary care to each pet we treat. Every policy and medical procedure supported by our practice has been put in place with the health and wellness of pets in mind.

Our veterinarians perform a surgical onychectomy if they believe that a cat cannot be trained to refrain from using its claws destructively in the home, or poses a danger to family members. Unfortunately, all cats are not amenable to behavior modification and we believe that this surgical procedure will result in fewer cats being abandoned or euthanized. After your cat is declawed, it is recommended that your he/she live indoors since the ability to defend itself is compromised.

We also believe feline onychectomy should be performed only with the use of medically appropriate anesthetics and analgesics and adherence to careful surgical and post-surgical protocols. We use several monitoring devices during your pet’s anesthetic procedure, including continuous monitoring by a registered veterinary technician. Because your pet's safety and comfort are our primary concerns we use advanced pain management techniques in conjunction with inhaled sevoflurane gas anesthesia. 

We use a combination of injectable and topical pain management depending on the size and age of the patient.  Our declaw patients stay with us overnight so that we can be sure they are comfortable when they go home the next day. 

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