Vaccine Protocols

Vaccines are essential to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Not only do they keep your furry friends free from disease but it also saves them from the trauma of sickness.  Most vaccines are boostered at your yearly checkup after the initial series of shots.


8 weeks - DHPP, stool check, wormer
12 weeks - DHPP or DHLPP*, wormer, Bordatella*, Lyme*
16 weeks - DHPP or DHLPP*, Rabies 1 yr, Bordatella*, Lyme*

Adult Dogs Annual Wellness

DHPP or DHLPP*, Rabies 3 yr, stool check, heartworm test, Bordatella*, Lyme*


8 weeks - FVRCPC, stool check, FeLV/FIV test, wormer
12 weeks - FVRCPC or FVRCPC/Leuk*, wormer
16 weeks - FVRCPC or FVRCPC/Leuk*, Rabies 1 yr

Adult Cats Annual Wellness

FVRCPC or FVRCPC/Leuk*, stool check, FeLV/FIV test*, Rabies 1 yr

*Items denoted with asterisk are optional

*Lyme vaccine is recommended for dogs who are outdoors a lot, near wooded areas or tall grass

*Bordatella vaccine is recommended for dogs who are social with other dogs, boarded or groomed

*FVRCPC/Leuk protects against feline leukemia and is recommended for outdoor cats

*FeLV/FIV test detects feline leukemia and feline immunedeficiency virus and is recommended for outdoor cats.

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